Information for EIA Members

The EIA is a not-for-profit voluntary membership corporation, organized under the laws of the State of New York to work for the welfare of our community. The Association is operated under a published set of by-laws which are available upon request.

The EIA board is comprised of volunteer officers and directors, each of whom is an East Island resident and association member. No officer, director, or member receives compensation of any kind.

The EIA:
  • Pays the city and county taxes for all Common Properties.
  • Pays for repairs, maintainance, landscaping and improve­ments of all the Common Properties.
  • Oversees the interests of all East Island residents with the administration of the City of Glen Cove.
  • Organizes civic and social activities including a major July 4th Party and barbeque complete with children's costume parade and running, biking and swimming races; a Labor Day barbeque and a winter cocktail party, all of which promote a sense of mutual purpose and community.
  • Publishes a monthly President's update to members.
  • Promotes the safety, security and privacy of all Common Properties for the exclusive use by members of the EIA.
  • Publishes and distributes an annual Telephone Directory of members.

    Feel free to use the Contact Us page to get in touch with us.    Alternatively, if you wish to write to us, please write to the following address:

    East Island Association, Inc.

    PO Box 297
    Glen Cove,NY11542


The EIA has:

  • Purchased all street ends that approach the beaches and the barrier strip between the Pryibil Beach parking lot and association property. This gives association members the legal right to use these Common Properties for parking, parties and easy beach access. The association has the right to prohibit trespassing by unauthorized persons.
  • Purchased the open land adjacent to Dosoris Pond with its magnificent water vistas.
  • Purchased the "duck pond' for recreational use by members.
  • Secured from the City Council the passage of a police-enforced ordinance which prohibits parking on the streets.
  • Facilitated several improvement projects including: the lighting of the "duck pond" for ice skating, the repair of the Sound Beach seawall, the new staircase at East Beach and the rebuilding of the boat launch ramp and installation of entrance gates at the Dock Place street end.
  • Continuously monitored the tidal balance and maintenance of the bridge, pond and shoreline.
  • Established a computerized Emergency Telephone Notification System.
  • Installed decorative street signs throughout the Island.
  • Assisted the City of Glen Cove in obtaining a grant from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation for the Rehabilitation of the East Island Tidal Gates and Dosoris Pond.